Activities and Tourist Attractions


Activities and Tourist Attractions



Colca Valley

Hot Springs, colonial bridges , waterfalls, archaeological sites , rock art sites , glaciers, lakes , flora, fauna and much more in the land of the cabanas and collaguas . They live in harmony with their environment , maintaining their customs and respect for Mother Earth.

Colca Rafting

As far as nature is concerned there is also plenty to see . The Colca Valley is a generous panorama in beautiful scenery for hiking , contemplation and photography. Also the adventure lovers will be pleased to know the Colca Canyon , owner of extraordinary beauty , ideal for boating . Magnificent places that complement the warmth and friendliness of its people .

Chivay - Hot Springs

Chivay is the Colca Valley largest town . Hotels and restaurants offer their services. Close to Chivay are the spring hot springs naturally heated by the volcano. About 600 years ago the Incas used this water to cure skin problems due to the existing green sulfur in them. A simple but ingenious system of canals brings water from 72 ° C to huge pools with 38 ° C . Swim in these waters is a relaxing and highly recommended experience while ago you can see the mountains across the Colca River.

Tourist Attractions

Monastery of Santa Catalina

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Located in the historic center of Arequipa in front of our hotel.

It was founded in 1579, used to be like a convent, has 3 cloisters and more than one hundred cells, which are arranged along 6 blocks and a passage.

Built to house the daughters of the most distinguished families of the city with religious vocation, the monastery was inaugurated on October 2, 1580, under the patronage of St. Catalina  of Siena as a center of absolute retreat, and remained so until on August 15, 1970.

Plaza de Armas

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Located in the historic center of Arequipa 4 blocks from our hotel.

The Cathedral of Arequipa is considered one of the early seventeenth century religious monuments in the city. It was built in ashlar (volcanic stone) with a brick It is the main sanctuary of the city that occupies the north of the Plaza de Armas side. Built entirely in ashlar, exhibits a neo-Renaissance style with some Gothic influence. Its facade is composed of seventy columns with Corinthian capitals, three doors and two large lateral arches, is topped by two tall towers Renaissance and stylized.

Claustros de la Compañia

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Located in the historic center of Arequipa 5 blocks from our hotel.

This set is made up of buildings constructed by the Jesuits for religious and living purposes, is a representative monument of religious architecture of the XVII century (1660). In the midst of the assembly stands the temple. The Church of the Company was designed in 1573 by Gaspar Baez and was destroyed by an earthquake in 1584. The present structure dates from 1650. It has about 66 paintings from the Cusco School of artists such as Bernardo Bitti and Diego de la Puente.

Colca Valley

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Colca is one of the major tourist destinations of Peru; located at the northeast corner of Arequipa in the Province of Caylloma. Colca comes from the words Collaguas and Cabanas, two ethnic groups who lived along the Rio Colca. Besides that incidentally is the second deepest canyon in the world with 4150 meters, after Cotahuasi canyon.

The Colca Valley is a beautiful place very popular with those who love exploring nature. Is an area comprising agestre villages, strings of volcanoes, lakes, rivers, archaeological remains, and an impressive canyon on the lord the condors. Paragliding or hang gliding in this area is something highly recommended for the quality of the winds.

Cotahuasi Canyon

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It is the deepest in America (3535 meters deep), in the field of Ninancocha; measurement was conducted in 1995 by members of the Association nonprofit “Nanin Runes Peru” and in turn by students of the Faculty of Geographical and Environmental Engineering at the Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal, being 335 meters the deepest I world. Cotahuasi Canyon is an awesome pit on earth that the river has eroded between two huge mountain ranges: the Coropuna of 6,425 m and 6,093 m Solimana of. It extends from the foothills of Mount Solimana to the confluence with the river Ocoña.

House of Moral

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Located in the historic center of Arequipa 2 blocks from our hotel.

It is a house built in the eighteenth century, which constitutes one of the oldest and most important architectural monuments of Baroque in the city of Arequipa. The name of this house is named after an ancient mulberry tree that grows in its main patio. It has furniture colonial and republican. The cover in ashlar is a work of art in which carefully carved figures are appreciated; Cover with a crown on a shield being held by two angels, and in turn, the shield is composed of a castle, a bird, a puma and two crossed keys is observed. Also within its facilities include a lounge with “antique” maps of the sixteenth century America.

Barrio de San Lázaro

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Located in the historic center of Arequipa, 3 blocks from our hotel.

Located on Calle Puente Bolognesi 333. Currently owns this monument 21 families who use housing In Arequipa these inns retained the name “drums” castellanización Quechua term “tampu” designating state Inca buildings situated along Qhapaq Nan (tampus that served as storage and redistribution of goods, mainly food and textiles).

House of Tristan

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Located in the historic center of Arequipa 5 blocks from our hotel.

Built in the eighteenth century, is one of the most beautiful houses in the city. Colonial style, has a beautiful facade with a door decorated with iron nails.



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