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The San Camilo market, a must-see attraction

San Camilo, like many markets in Peru, is full of exotic colors and flavors, here you can find everything from fruits and vegetables to craft stalls, food, and herbs.

The San Camilo market is the ideal opportunity to learn more about the exuberant culture of Arequipa and Peru. You can taste the delicious gastronomy at much cheaper prices than in traditional restaurants, you will find dishes such as stuffed rocoto, ceviche, cheese solterito, etc.

Por On the other hand, when walking through its corridors you cannot avoid noticing the existence of small stalls full of herbs and hanging amulets. In them, we Arequipeños will buy various magical products linked to our Andean customs of yesteryear, you will even find vicuña corpses, with When rituals are performed, you can also request offerings to pay the Pacha Mama, which usually carry sweets, toy bills, confetti and other things. You will find herbs to cure ills such as the well-known coca leaf, muña, lemon verbena, etc.
And if it is about buying a souvenir, it is the right place, there are stalls selling straw hats, Andean looms, clothing and handicrafts.
It also highlights the 100% natural juice stalls of the fruits that you prefer, you can add milk. You will find a typical drink of the Peruvian markets called punch, which has black beer, milk and egg. It's very powerful.


Brief history of Saint Camillus:


In 1817 the construction of the Convent of the Good Death and the Church of San Camilo de Lelis was completed. Later in 1868 Arequipa suffered one of the strongest earthquakes in its history, which completely destroyed the aforementioned convent. In the meantime, more than 40 years ago the order had abandoned the temple, and the place would be a military hospital and a school during the civil war between Salaverry and Santa Cruz.

During that period there were traveling markets, which were held in the main square.

In 1938 the construction of the structure that we know today in the San Camilo market was completed; however, different earthquakes caused damage. Until in 1980 the reconstruction that we can enjoy today was completed, and in 1987 it was declared a monumental historical heritage of Arequipa.